Duxford United Reserves 2 – 1 Foxton Reserves

The local fixture which has become a fierce derby in recent times saw the Ressies travel to nearby Duxford Reserves in what was Brad Calvert’s farewell match before joining the Navy.

The game started at a high tempo, with both sides looking to break the deadlock early on. The home side were certainly the more threatening with several waves of attacks down the left, testing the discipline of wide-men Rushton and Mayo.

The Foxton front line, led by Pettengell and Bedlow, pressured Duxford to no avail, but it was evident that their pace and energy were going to prove difficult for the home defence.

Injury to Lawrence (Groin) saw the introduction of Clark and a slight re-shuffle, bringing Pettengell into midfield alongside Calvert.

The first goal came when a back-pass from Mayo found a bobble as Harper looked to clear and the ball trickled over the line to put the hosts one goal up just before half-time.

Second Half

The hosts started the second half brightly with a change up top seeing a taller target man lead their line – this provided a different challenge for Pratt and Dolbdinas to deal with.

The game was very end-to-end with both sides exploiting wide areas and the combative central zones saw Pettengell receive a caution for a poorly-timed challenge.

The home side doubled their lead after the hour mark when a 2v1 attached resulted in the punishing of a parry from Harper which the defence could not clear.

Late in the game (85 Mins), the proverbial kitchen sink was thrown at Duxford and this bought us a goal with a clean strike into the bottom corner from 10 yards, courtesy of Rushton. Despite late efforts, an equaliser couldn’t be found and the game ended in a 2-1 defeat.

MoM  Brad Calvert.


M. Harper
T. Mayo
D. Dolbdinas
D. Pratt ©
A. Maskell
A. Ercole
B. Calvert
A. Lawrence
J. Rushton
S. Bedlow
K. Pettengell


J. Clark