Eaton Socon A 6 V Foxton Res 1

Foxton travelled to Eaton Socon today hoping for their first win of the season. Alas this looked not to be after finding themselves 1 down in a couple of minutes after Eaton Socon’s impressive start, their centre forward impressing with his pacer and power in the opening skirmishes. Five minutes after the 1st goal Foxton found themselves 2 down after a 1-on-1 between the Foxton’s keeper and Eaton Socon’s deadly CF and it was patently clear he would prove to be a thorn in Foxton’s side all match. Rallying impressively though after those 2 early blows Foxton struck back through a skilful lob of the keeper from Alex Friend following the delivery from Doldbinas’ free kick and Foxton started to impose themselves on the match with some good positional play. An injury to Sam bedlow and the ensuing forced reshuffle proved disastrous to Foxton who found themselves another 3 goals down before half time.

Foxton’s miserable day continued into the second half with the concession of another goal not long after the restart. With such a comfortable lead Eaton Socon perhaps got understandably complacent and showing their indomitable spirit Foxton started to force themselves on their opponent, pressing well and engineering chances for Saunders and Overton who couldn’t quite stick them away. Foxton where now keeping possession and playing the ball out from the back thanks to some good leadership skills from Captain James Peel. Foxton were beaten by and very strong Eaton Socon team.

MoM  Alex Maskell who started LB and changed to CB to deal with Eaton Socon’s speedy CF.