Foxton 2-3 Comberton

Foxton were back in league action this week, at home to Comberton.

It’s fair to say that the first half wasn’t the best spectacle at all. The visitors to their credit found themselves 2-0 up after a hard working performance, and the fact they took their chances from some sloppy mistakes by the home side. One of which was a penalty.

The second half pretty much went as expected, with Comberton getting bodies behind the ball and playing on the break, and Foxton having plenty of play, high up the field.

Comberton were gifted an opportunity to further their lead from their second penalty of the game and they took this with open arms.

Foxton didn’t throw the towel in and pulled a goal back when Matty Chapman scored a beauty from 25 yards out after picking up Carlow’s pass.

DMac then made it 3-2 with a penalty after he took a tumble in the box at a set piece.

Unfortunately it was too little too late for the home side as the clock ticked away.

MOM….Josh Sewell